this week so far...

one: morning commute were polar opposites. yesterday it looked a lot like this.
i can only see half the wheel but i know thats a camaro on the bottom right.
i know it doesnt look too bad but a 15 minute drive turned into an hour drive because it was snowing the whole time - i was on the road from 8AM - 9AM. good thing i left when i did or else i wouldve been late.

on the other hand, today was amazing. i left home around 7.30AM trying to get in at 8.30AM. i was 45 minutes early so i decided to grab a coffee.
okay, so this is just an instagram version of my photo from saturday. you get the point...
two: when i got home a package from gamestop was waiting for me. which means my pre-order has arrived!!!
little big planet collector's edition includes: LBP2, sackboy, downloadable sackboy costumes and game holders (bookends)
i am beyond excited! i tried the demo last week and it was so much fun! i cant wait to play it after dinner. which brings me to my next point.

three: dinner tonight is PASTA! what more can i say. i LOVE pasta. no photo cause its not done yet. and there wont be any cause ill inhale it.

four: finally got access to most of my stuff. ive started some of the training but i still have a few to complete. hopefully by the end of the week ill be completely set-up so i can actually do some work. i feel bad just "sitting with people."

its been an awesome week so far and its only tuesday. i have an awesome feeling that this awesomeness will carry on for the rest of the week. 

i am so blessed.
thank you, Lord!

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