why are you here?

it was sunday.
we were in the library.
not the public library. the university library.

we shared a table with a girl we knew.
she went on a de-stress stroll and when she came back she asked us
"what are you guys doing here? its sunday. and youre not even in school anymore."

what were we doing there?
beautiful sunday afternoon. we chose to go to the university library.

we said over our laptops, "editing" "film" "photos"

it might have appeared that we were just like the rest of them.
students counting down to the final days of school.
but we werent

we were doing "our own stuff."

no guidelines. no deadlines.
we just do what we want. when we want to.

its an awesome feeling.
i highly recommend it.

home time

when the sun goes down, theres no pressure. just anticipation of what tomorrow will be like

8.5 hours to go

i want to do so many things tonight.

i just bought loco roco cocoreccho and noby noby boy.
i played for a bit last night but i just couldnt get into it cause i was waiting for to watch antm.

i bought a few things from chapters.
man, i LOVE stationary.
i got so excited over these ADORABLE sticky notes.
480 stickes of chocolate dots and stripes design goodness.
AND! this magnetic dry erase board

omg... just got a call from boyfriend...
"can you come downstairs?"
maaaaaaaaaaaan, he spoils me WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much!

i totally forgot what my point was...
my mind is too stimulated now.
i need to go to bed...
someone will be sticking a needle in me tomorrow to take my blood.

pointless entry...
which means..........

life is good.

as usual, my head is somewhere else

seriously want to write.
but the serious urge to,
came too late.

ive been sick
and im still recovering.
i want to stay up and write all night
but its not the smartest thing to do right now.

maybe tomorrow.

ill sniffle myself to sleep now.

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