8.5 hours to go

i want to do so many things tonight.

i just bought loco roco cocoreccho and noby noby boy.
i played for a bit last night but i just couldnt get into it cause i was waiting for to watch antm.

i bought a few things from chapters.
man, i LOVE stationary.
i got so excited over these ADORABLE sticky notes.
480 stickes of chocolate dots and stripes design goodness.
AND! this magnetic dry erase board

omg... just got a call from boyfriend...
"can you come downstairs?"
maaaaaaaaaaaan, he spoils me WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much!

i totally forgot what my point was...
my mind is too stimulated now.
i need to go to bed...
someone will be sticking a needle in me tomorrow to take my blood.

pointless entry...
which means..........

life is good.

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