three-letter day

its already the last day of august!
i think i keep saying this every month, but man, this year is flying by!

anyway, in my july post i listed a few things that i wanted to accomplish this summer. i havent crossed them all off but i have done SOME of them.

ive gone to the AGO twice. i actually got a membership so i can go as many times as i want for a year. its totally worth it. ive visited the Abstract Expressionist New York Exhibition twice and actually spent hours really looking at the pieces. its a different experience every time. the crowd and my companions definitely affect how i view the pieces.

the one day i went with my cousins, we noticed that we only visited three-lettered (or acronym, i guess) places. first the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), then we walked over to She Said Boom, then we had dinner at Guu, then we grabbed some bubble tea (BBT) and snacks at T&T. totally unplanned and irrelevant. i just thought i was weird/interesting.

okay enough talking/typing.

photo dump time!

i love fluffy clouds <3

dont know if i laughed cause its funny or stupid

walking into the AGO

Helen Frankenthaler

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko

Jackson Pollock
Number 1A, 1948

detail of Number 1A, 1948
i stood in front of this for a long time

Joan Mitchell
Ladybug 1957

Philip Guston
The Clock

a couple standing in front of
Ad Reinhardt
Abstract Painting

Galleria Italia

i kind of felt like i was in noah's ark

a different perspective on Frank Gehry's Baroque Stair

home time
my brother's origami dragon against the sunset

that's it for now :)

i hope you had a great august!

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