sideways eight

a few minutes ago i was looking through my files.
folders and folders of photos.
different cameras.
different times.
different places.
different emotions.

i thought,
i need some sort of external memory.
im gonna run out of space soon

then i thought
wouldnt it be awesome if infinity did exist

i sat on that thought.

i was wrong.
it wouldnt be awesome.
it would be horrible.

okay, it would be awesome at first.
infinite memory, infinite battery, infinite photos, infinite memories, infinite time,
infinite everything.

but wheres the fun in that.
where is the pressure, the challenge
that will push you to do more,
inspire you to move forward,
drive you to improve.

if everything is there,
is given
what is there to achieve?

the fun in capturing a sunrise is that it is finite
the world is not forever coloured red-orange
its only there for a few minutes
its either you got it or you didnt

there is tomorrow.
the sun will set again tomorrow
and you can try again
and again
and again.

even to the most incredible minds of this world,
past or present,
learning is a process.
learning takes time.
learning never stops.

video post

"there's nothing you could ever do that will make me love you less"

"being busy is a drug that a lot of people are addicted to"

Game of Hope
"while it didn't erase the mistakes they've made ... there was reason to look ahead"

i need to wake up

take me somewhere far, far away.

give me a chance to miss my life. 

show me how good i have it. 

let me remember the good.

make me let go of the bad. 

give me a chance to miss.

take me somewhere far, far away.

gets me everytime

i used to write the words. everywhere.

i saw it. and i wanted to hear it again. 
i dug the old, old cd from underneath my seat.
the case dirty and cold
sitting in my car for the past few years. 

it pop it in. 
and im back.
its back.

i dont even notice that the volume is on 40+
its like no matter how loud i go
its not loud enough. 
i cant even hear me singing along
at the top of my lungs.

all i know is i know this song. 
and its like it knows me. 
like weve been friends for a long time. 

it was cold outside. 
but i rolled down the window anyway. 

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