there's no other way


this was the last time i was in a restaurant
SEP 2020

i wonder if i should've documented more of 2020. 
i don't think (at least i hope) i will go through anything like this in my lifetime again. 

but what would i even say. 
i don't think i've let myself go into the details of how i'm feeling about it all. 

beyond the pandemic, a lot of other things have happened
both expected and unexpected
and i think i'm still trying to process those as well

it was all bad
there were things that went well, things that are looking up, things that are changing

i think my biggest worry right now is, "what's next?"
it's scary and humbling to have little to no control 

all i can really do from here is to keep going
trust & obey

ps. follow up to the previous post:

audiobooks stuck!
i got through a total of 54 books last year (audio and ebook)
im on track to double that this year. 

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