no ones dead

but my heart is grieving.

i can understand why you insist on pretending.
sometimes i struggle with that too.

its fun now,
but we all end up the same way.

but i really hope its not too late when you wake up.
id hate to see you trip & fall,
when the only one who can catch you,
you rejected repeatedly.

beware, those who offend you
they may be right
and destroy your spirit
be aware, those to defend you
they may be wrong

and destroy your soul

i think i might be back ...

after almost a year of wandering...
after almost a year of mindless blabbing...
after almost a year of garbage...

i think i found my way back here.

to where it all began
to a place where i can just be me
and forget about who might be watching

after almost a year
many things have changed

i'm back
but i'm not the same.

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