i do but i dont

i do
because ive always wanted a vespa. i remember sitting on the salon owner's daughter's vespa while my mom was getting a haircut and/or mani/pedi. i loved it. but i was too little. my feet didnt even touch the vespa's floor thinggy. im not little anymore and i still want one. but it seems ridiculous to own one right now since one, i own a car (crappy as it is, its still a car) & two, i live in the suburbs. if i lived in an urban area then it would make more sense. (or would it? maybe im just under a romantic spell of urban living; people walking to places, riding their scooters, hopping on public transportation, having places to go to past 10PM... *le sigh*)

i dont
because living quarters would be tight. ive always lived in the suburbs. i dont know how ill manage with limited space (which is one of my many worries of moving out along with cooking, laundry, cleaning, et cetera... *le sigh once again*). and frankly right now its not looking too good. dont believe me? kijiji is advertising waste disposal ( link )

oh toronto,
i do but i dont.

i ♥ TO ?

ps. i guess if i want a vespa i need to get cracking on that Class M license... dun dun dunnnnn

its all the same.

same places.

same things.

same sounds.

same crowd.

same smell.

same look.

same streets.

same ground.

same trees.

same faces.

its all the same

i want to be different.

happens every year

i broke my 6$ forever21 sunglasses.
so i bought 2 new ones.

i like buying cheap sunglasses in the summer.
2 for 20$ @ aldo. 8$ @ h&m. 6$ @ forever21.

every summer i buy a pair.
then, almost as if on cue, i manage to break it by the end of the season.
so the rest of the year i go back to trusty, unflimsy sunnies.
the case they come in makes it harder for me to break them ;P
all season sunnies

since i manage to break them every summer,
will i stop buying cheapy sunglasses?
probably not.
its like a summer ritual.

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