i do but i dont

i do
because ive always wanted a vespa. i remember sitting on the salon owner's daughter's vespa while my mom was getting a haircut and/or mani/pedi. i loved it. but i was too little. my feet didnt even touch the vespa's floor thinggy. im not little anymore and i still want one. but it seems ridiculous to own one right now since one, i own a car (crappy as it is, its still a car) & two, i live in the suburbs. if i lived in an urban area then it would make more sense. (or would it? maybe im just under a romantic spell of urban living; people walking to places, riding their scooters, hopping on public transportation, having places to go to past 10PM... *le sigh*)

i dont
because living quarters would be tight. ive always lived in the suburbs. i dont know how ill manage with limited space (which is one of my many worries of moving out along with cooking, laundry, cleaning, et cetera... *le sigh once again*). and frankly right now its not looking too good. dont believe me? kijiji is advertising waste disposal ( link )

oh toronto,
i do but i dont.

i ♥ TO ?

ps. i guess if i want a vespa i need to get cracking on that Class M license... dun dun dunnnnn

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