ever since i started posting anything online, there is always some post or other about my hair.

i like growing my hair, i like cutting my hair, i like dyeing my hair. but its never too extreme. mainly because, truthfully, im lazy.

the reason why i chop my hair short: cause i dont want to deal with washing a lot of hair
the reason why i grow my hair long: i probably didnt want to bother booking any hair appointments
the reason why i love the ombre and balayage trend: i dont need to worry about roots

my standard was always long-ish hair. until march of 2011 when i decided to donate 10 inches and i went from long to bob. i think that gave me too much courage and i went for another haircut the next month. and i HATED it. so much so that i just let it grow for years.

2013, ombre was was everywhere and i finally started dyeing my hair again. still no major hair chop though.

it was only the fall of 2014 when i made the big jump again.

that LOB life
since then i kept the short-ish hair - going between lobs and bobs.

and in 2015, the lobs got longer as a chops in between got farther apart (read: lazy)

2015: by this point i had grown out most of my ombre and these were the final pieces

2015: decided to chop all the colour off and went even shorter
 2016: ran with my natural colour for a while

2016: then cut + balayage
2016: then i let it grow out again

2017: cut and refresh of balayage
2017: and surprise, it grew out again

2017: cut off all the splits and refreshed the balayage
2017: grew it out but got bangs

2018: longest i have ever had my hair
oh and it was slightly purple/lavender at this point

the lastest change was last wednesday. it was just getting too long and too dry and too dull and too warm.

the usual, trim + refresh
im trying to be better with and nicer to my hair. i used to truly be long/short hair, dont care. im slightly at the long hair, kinda hair phase right now. 


my parents usually go away in february.
they were quite eager to plan a trip especially since winter has been so cold.

im legit cold just looking at this photo

except this year, they decided to make it a family event.

¡ hola !



dimsum club

i have a handful of friends who i enjoy eating with. we like talking about food, we like exploring food, we like eating food, we like talking about food while we eat. 

to organize our adventures, we started a slack channel called dimsum-club. why dimsum? was it because we first made the channel in search of good dimsum in the city? was it because we craved dimsum regularly? i dont know actually. 

but one thing i know is we dont limit ourselves to dimsum or even the city. if there is good food, we go. 

the first dimsum club outing of 2018 was to assembly chef's hall.

drinks, music, and lots of food to choose from.
we got there a little late and we got so into talking that some of the spots closed before we could get to them. but thats ok - that just means we gotta go again. 

i wasnt craving anything specific but this one familiar spot was calling my name: love chix

their main location is actually a short walk away from the office. went aaaaaall the way downtown to get food from a place down the street. well, no ragrets. cause ive never been but now i know that i can get DELICIOUS brussel sprouts down the street. and oh yeah, the chicken was great as well. 

but those brussel sprouts though. a friend and i finished our portions and we went back to get just a large order of them sprouts! (actually it was extra large cause they dumped another handful before giving it to us).

after enjoying our food, we had a few drinks and then called it a night. 

its saturday now. 
still thinking about dem sprouts.

new toy

i was in mexico last year for a wedding. the group i was with went on a mini trip to tulum. when we got there, every one pulled out their devices to document the trip. one friend whipped out his dji osmo and the oohs and ahhs ensued.

i was so impressed at the quality of the videos and how quickly he was able to edit them. i thought about it all month. and then a month turned into two, and then it was christmas. what im trying to say is, i bought myself a new toy for christmas. 

ive made a couple of videos since i got it in the mail. i must say, its super easy to make instagram ready videos with this thing. 

we had a visitor last month and they wanted to visit niagara falls. they've never been and apparently the falls was partially frozen. so away we went. 

it was super cold. so cold that my phone drained from 79% to 8% within 15 minutes of being exposed. BUT, since i had the osmo, i could take videos with gloves on and the shivering was not captured in the video.

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