new toy

i was in mexico last year for a wedding. the group i was with went on a mini trip to tulum. when we got there, every one pulled out their devices to document the trip. one friend whipped out his dji osmo and the oohs and ahhs ensued.

i was so impressed at the quality of the videos and how quickly he was able to edit them. i thought about it all month. and then a month turned into two, and then it was christmas. what im trying to say is, i bought myself a new toy for christmas. 

ive made a couple of videos since i got it in the mail. i must say, its super easy to make instagram ready videos with this thing. 

we had a visitor last month and they wanted to visit niagara falls. they've never been and apparently the falls was partially frozen. so away we went. 

it was super cold. so cold that my phone drained from 79% to 8% within 15 minutes of being exposed. BUT, since i had the osmo, i could take videos with gloves on and the shivering was not captured in the video.

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