ever since i started posting anything online, there is always some post or other about my hair.

i like growing my hair, i like cutting my hair, i like dyeing my hair. but its never too extreme. mainly because, truthfully, im lazy.

the reason why i chop my hair short: cause i dont want to deal with washing a lot of hair
the reason why i grow my hair long: i probably didnt want to bother booking any hair appointments
the reason why i love the ombre and balayage trend: i dont need to worry about roots

my standard was always long-ish hair. until march of 2011 when i decided to donate 10 inches and i went from long to bob. i think that gave me too much courage and i went for another haircut the next month. and i HATED it. so much so that i just let it grow for years.

2013, ombre was was everywhere and i finally started dyeing my hair again. still no major hair chop though.

it was only the fall of 2014 when i made the big jump again.

that LOB life
since then i kept the short-ish hair - going between lobs and bobs.

and in 2015, the lobs got longer as a chops in between got farther apart (read: lazy)

2015: by this point i had grown out most of my ombre and these were the final pieces

2015: decided to chop all the colour off and went even shorter
 2016: ran with my natural colour for a while

2016: then cut + balayage
2016: then i let it grow out again

2017: cut and refresh of balayage
2017: and surprise, it grew out again

2017: cut off all the splits and refreshed the balayage
2017: grew it out but got bangs

2018: longest i have ever had my hair
oh and it was slightly purple/lavender at this point

the lastest change was last wednesday. it was just getting too long and too dry and too dull and too warm.

the usual, trim + refresh
im trying to be better with and nicer to my hair. i used to truly be long/short hair, dont care. im slightly at the long hair, kinda hair phase right now. 

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