hoping for a weekend of r&r

2 consecutive posts!

couldnt wait to get home tonight and stay home. i need some home time cause im getting really exhausted and i need to recharge. stay home tonight and hopefully my body clock will let me sleep im tomorrow.

this is my "tired" indicator.
when i throw my hair up in a bun all day, that means im too tired to care.

i have a confession. i think i may have a problem

say hello to my growing pile of new and unworn clothes.
i didnt buy all of these in one day. i think this is what ive accumulated so far this month. i havent bought clothes in a long time and my preference in clothing is changing and those contribute heavily to my aggressive shopping behaviour lately. also, when i like something, i usually buy it in two colours.

wilfred never disappoints. i loved this as soon as i put it on. the one on the right is actually a lovely peachy colour. i was too lazy to retake. besides these i also got 2 dresses (one white and black, one grey and purple) and 2 pairs of boots (tan and grey). im really picky so when i find something i like i hoard.

but i noticed that even though i buy things in twos i still gravitate towards the blacks, whites and greys. every now and then there will be a purple, royal blue, yellow. i should really be more adventurous in my colour selections. 

of course, before i found myself in aritzia, i already swung by sephora. tonights ultra mini-haul includes

"urban ballerina"
i love these mini bottles.
i like having lots of options but i never seem to love them long enough. this is the perfect size for me.
i dont usually like glitter but this was calling to me.
going to give it a test drive this weekend.
if you didnt know tokidoki has make-up, now you know.
"gelato lip balm: donutella"
such a girly post. hair, shopping, make-up.

to the canadians, have an awesome long weekend. 
and please do try to spend some time with your family on family day.

30 days

im 100% busier these days but i feel like i have more energy than ever.
the difference is You. Thank You.

now, time for another photo dump.

"usb port"

pigged out at guu izakaya on superbowl sunday

yummy takoyaki (octopus)

almond tofu. very yummy.

sometimes i dont understand why traffic can get this bad.
and i was fully stopped so its not like i was taking a photo while driving.
ps. this is an on-ramp 

i love my coffee

and im not a coffee snob. aka. starbucks-drinker-only.
i love coffee period.

even at 9.30 at night.
@green beanery

my brothers been so busy with umbras wal-mart account,
sometimes i only see his shoe prints on the porch.

after 2+ years, i finally washed my car.
gross, i know.
EDIT: here is a before photo

i think this is it for now. i have to wake up at 6ish tomorrow and im getting tired. so looking forward to sleeping like a baby.


but we said goodbye

this is the second night i dreamt of you. 
the other night your sister wanted to kill me with a freshly sharpened no.2 pencil. she was running after me. she chased me all the way to the second floor hallway with her menacing pencil. finally i stopped and turned around, grabbed the pencil from her grips and killed her. i stood there, watching her bleed. she didnt say anything. i didnt say anything. i just thought, "i always had a feeling that she didnt like me much. maybe because of that one time that i was obnoxiously shy and stubborn and would not speak. when she asked me if im mute and i said yes." it felt like i was watching a movie and it was only when it was over that i finally woke up. 
last night i screwed up your "date". we were part of some sort of sports competition. you were supposed to meet up with her and give her the jersey she was supposed to wear. i dont remember if youre forgetful or not but in my dream you were. so you laid it out on the bed with a note attached, "dont forget to give this to her." i knew "her" meant her and not me. i knew that that jersey was once yours - it had your number on it. as i stared at the jersey and your handwritten note, everyone else started piling their luggage on the bed. one on top of the other, burying the jersey. i knew i shouldve stopped them. but i knew that if you went and met with her, it would break my heart. so i forgot that i knew the former. i felt bad so i avoided you. i watched from afar as you fell asleep. i walked out and sat on the dock. you woke up and realized it was too late to see her. i hung my head, ashamed of what ive allowed to happen. i knew that somehow you knew, so i was waiting for you to come and confront me. but you came and just sat beside me, looking out into the same ocean, our shoulders touching. 

most of the time when i dream about you i have this lingering happiness when i wake up. to see you once more after what feels like an entire lifetime. thing morning when i woke up, i knew that i had dreamt about you again, but there was a heaviness in my heart. i think im finally starting to realize that i can see you, touch you, smell you, feel you, love you only in my dreams.


i cant believe its february!

i havent posted anything in a while. so ill make an extra massive post today filled with lots of photos from my phone.

here we go!

it was a cold day

i cant believe hes 15. just yesterday he was telling us that he doesnt like walking. now he walks home from his high school everyday.

i made blueberry waffles for breakfast

8 years & still strong! give me one more year, my dear.

i love these pens. i will import them straight from japan if i have to.

saturdate with janet
brunch at cora's & shopping afterwards

after my saturdate with janet i drove to milton for bible study.

after bible study. drove back for sushi dinner
with mister jean pierre

i bought these with janet. theyre so yummy but i stopped drinking cause i think i might be allergic to them. *sad face*

these are AWESOME & i got them on sale!

time for a long overdue car wash

"snow storm"
it wasnt as bad as they said it was gonna be. but thanks for the warning.

they finally plowed my street at 6PM.

morning after the storm

that fort/tent looking thing on the left is my dad's contraption to prevent his pond from freezing over the winter. its a new installment this year, so we shall see if its more effective than just letting the pond freeze over.

package from switzerland
contents: raclette cheese

im now on the fence about this whole cutting 10inches off. maybe ill keep growing until spring/summer.
and thats it for now!
stay safe. and if youre from north america, stay warm!

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