30 days

im 100% busier these days but i feel like i have more energy than ever.
the difference is You. Thank You.

now, time for another photo dump.

"usb port"

pigged out at guu izakaya on superbowl sunday

yummy takoyaki (octopus)

almond tofu. very yummy.

sometimes i dont understand why traffic can get this bad.
and i was fully stopped so its not like i was taking a photo while driving.
ps. this is an on-ramp 

i love my coffee

and im not a coffee snob. aka. starbucks-drinker-only.
i love coffee period.

even at 9.30 at night.
@green beanery

my brothers been so busy with umbras wal-mart account,
sometimes i only see his shoe prints on the porch.

after 2+ years, i finally washed my car.
gross, i know.
EDIT: here is a before photo

i think this is it for now. i have to wake up at 6ish tomorrow and im getting tired. so looking forward to sleeping like a baby.


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