i cant believe its february!

i havent posted anything in a while. so ill make an extra massive post today filled with lots of photos from my phone.

here we go!

it was a cold day

i cant believe hes 15. just yesterday he was telling us that he doesnt like walking. now he walks home from his high school everyday.

i made blueberry waffles for breakfast

8 years & still strong! give me one more year, my dear.

i love these pens. i will import them straight from japan if i have to.

saturdate with janet
brunch at cora's & shopping afterwards

after my saturdate with janet i drove to milton for bible study.

after bible study. drove back for sushi dinner
with mister jean pierre

i bought these with janet. theyre so yummy but i stopped drinking cause i think i might be allergic to them. *sad face*

these are AWESOME & i got them on sale!

time for a long overdue car wash

"snow storm"
it wasnt as bad as they said it was gonna be. but thanks for the warning.

they finally plowed my street at 6PM.

morning after the storm

that fort/tent looking thing on the left is my dad's contraption to prevent his pond from freezing over the winter. its a new installment this year, so we shall see if its more effective than just letting the pond freeze over.

package from switzerland
contents: raclette cheese

im now on the fence about this whole cutting 10inches off. maybe ill keep growing until spring/summer.
and thats it for now!
stay safe. and if youre from north america, stay warm!

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