hoping for a weekend of r&r

2 consecutive posts!

couldnt wait to get home tonight and stay home. i need some home time cause im getting really exhausted and i need to recharge. stay home tonight and hopefully my body clock will let me sleep im tomorrow.

this is my "tired" indicator.
when i throw my hair up in a bun all day, that means im too tired to care.

i have a confession. i think i may have a problem

say hello to my growing pile of new and unworn clothes.
i didnt buy all of these in one day. i think this is what ive accumulated so far this month. i havent bought clothes in a long time and my preference in clothing is changing and those contribute heavily to my aggressive shopping behaviour lately. also, when i like something, i usually buy it in two colours.

wilfred never disappoints. i loved this as soon as i put it on. the one on the right is actually a lovely peachy colour. i was too lazy to retake. besides these i also got 2 dresses (one white and black, one grey and purple) and 2 pairs of boots (tan and grey). im really picky so when i find something i like i hoard.

but i noticed that even though i buy things in twos i still gravitate towards the blacks, whites and greys. every now and then there will be a purple, royal blue, yellow. i should really be more adventurous in my colour selections. 

of course, before i found myself in aritzia, i already swung by sephora. tonights ultra mini-haul includes

"urban ballerina"
i love these mini bottles.
i like having lots of options but i never seem to love them long enough. this is the perfect size for me.
i dont usually like glitter but this was calling to me.
going to give it a test drive this weekend.
if you didnt know tokidoki has make-up, now you know.
"gelato lip balm: donutella"
such a girly post. hair, shopping, make-up.

to the canadians, have an awesome long weekend. 
and please do try to spend some time with your family on family day.

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