and its march...

this year seems to be going by really fast. i think being busy does that. absolutely no complaints. things are in order and more things are happening. awesomesauce all around.

im just trying to think back on what ive done since the last post. mostly, ive been working and spending lots of time with my family.

family day in canada was a few weeks back. i dont know of any other country that celebrates family day. ( not the my knowledge of world holidays is that broad anyway ) im glad that we do. family to me is very important and im glad to finally spend it with my family this year.

picked up cousins
brunch at cora's ( again ) & had eggs benedict with smoked salmon ( again )
cause we're not really adults
went to sweets after for macarons.
they were good. but i think i would still drive to TO just for variety.
i was too chicken to try this
picked up a box of chocolates as well
went to grandparents' place for "merienda"
us "kids" were playing game of life on my brothers phone.
i think they were talking about something funny. like how your "people" will not take you seriously if you walk into work with a palm pre or an iphone instead of a blackberry.
now, time for some random

this dispenses change!
i was so amazed when i saw this.
some days im picky.
tim hortons breakfast sandwich with starbucks coffee
my parents crossed the border and went to target for this and rold gold pretzel sticks.
i should probably mention that they were down there for 2 days and went shopping in other places as well so they dont sound like nutjobs crossing the border for bread and pretzel.
hipster sock monkeys spotted in indigo.
"these are what sock monkeys looked like before it went mainstream"
i picked up this book because it is full of awesome.
check it out if youre a fan of ink and watercolour
picked up a 5$ map of the world puzzle.
i love puzzles :3
i started with africa cause it has a lot of countries.
last sunday (02.27) went to the tim burton exhibit.
if you live in the toronto area and are a big fan of his work, this is a must see.
the exhibit is organized by the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
the exhibit runs until april 17th.
one more photo for the road.
have an awesome march!

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