double digits

my running buddies

GREAT day today. finally really felt the double digit temperature.

first time sitting on the benches at lunch. no jacket - but i did have a blazer on. still felt the sun on my back. it was glorious. so glorious that i actually ate ALL my food - really rare (im not a big eater. im an often eater)

ANYWAY, on my way home i saw a bunch of people running, jogging, rollerblading, biking, walking. i got jealous. so as soon as i got home, i changed and went for a jog before i could convince myself otherwise. its been a while, pavement. 

the last time i ran outside was after my trip to south africa last year - so that was probably around september. i felt a huge pain on my hip not even 5 minutes into my route and i just could not run anymore. i rested and let the pain go away but it would happen every time i tried. and then winter happened. 

over the winter i tried to do other things to strengthen my right knee (reconstructed ACL) and fix my gait so my left hip wont hurt. i was on my way to recovering but one evening while outdoor ice skating with my cousin i tweaked my knee - hard. add to that the fierce winter we had and i was out of commission - even uncrossing my legs from a sitting position would cause my knee to move in the wrong direction and cause me immense pain which would eventually go away but its just so scary - the last time i felt that pain i wasnt able to unbend me knee for several days and eventually found out i needed knee surgery.

i digress. this is about getting back into it. 
ive been doing a bit of strengthening and stretching and indoor running since. its gotten better but im not back to the same condition i was after i was released from post-op physiotherapy. mostly because im not as consistent as i used to be. post-op physio was at least twice a week of intense strengthening which ive stopped doing. i know, i shouldnt have. im trying to get back into that as well. i dont think i want a re-do of the surgery.

so today was the first day i laced up my running shoes and let it hit the outdoor terrain. it was great. i did my usual route. i thought i did way worse that my usual time (which wasnt great to begin with) but it was actually not bad. 

nice and sunny day in southern ontario

it looks like the temperature is slowly rising so this means that i get to go outside more. im nervous and excited. i never thought id be the type to run outdoors. i didnt even know that i liked running. i just tried it one day and it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. i dont even know why i thought it would be "bad." i fell into yoga the same way. a friend asked me if i wanted to join her. i said yes and committed to it before i could even think too much about it. and now we go quite regularly. im no expert yogi but i can definitely go more now than a year ago. ive pushed my body to do things that i didnt think it could. 

im the type to stick to what i said i would do (some times more lasting than others). more so if ive made myself more accountable by saying it out loud in front of other people. my brain automatically thinks, "youve said it. now you really have to do it." theres been a bunch of changes lately. a whole bunch of things i never thought i would do (and actually enjoy) im doing now. i guess this is the power of saying yes and committing. now i just need to battle my problem of getting bored easily. but that a different entry all together. 

say yes. 
do it. 
you never know. 

three decades

completely unexpected evening.

everything was perfect - wouldnt have had it any other way.
nothing more, nothing less

im so glad i met my core early in life. stories from our past and the stories we continue to write make me a better person.

much thanks.
much love.

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