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when is a good habit actually a bad habit...

when you develop it because of fear.

marinate in it & call me in the morning


i dont know why i do.
i just know that i do. 

i love stationary.

i buy pretty paper.
i buy pretty pens.
i buy pretty post-its.
sometimes i use them. sometimes i dont.

i buy agendas.
they were key when i was in school. i got one for this year. its sitting on my desk. the date is april 5th.

i buy notebooks.
i buy journals.
i write on them. not everyday. sometimes i write to the last page. sometimes i quit halfway.

pretty paper, lined paper + super fine pilot pens. 
its my thing. 

when does a dream end and life starts

the last thing i remember is lying down on my bed. watching the headlights of passing cars dance on my ceiling. 
so what is this? where am i? why is it so, green. so wet. so soft. it smells like rain. 
i guess its raining. weird. i cant feel it. 
okay, now, how do i get out of here. 
wait. hold on. whats that? so bright against the dark sky and the green grass.
yellow? something yellow. 
ugh. i really dont like this squishing noise my feet are making. but why cant i stop walking towards the yellow blob. 
oh. the blob. its, a girl. with long dark hair, dripping and matted on her bright yellow raincoat.
what the heck is she doing out in this torrential rain? sitting there on that tree stump, so calm. thoughtfully swinging her feet in those glaring red rainboots spotted with what i would assume is mud. looking at her youd think its not raining at all. except of course that shes in full rain gear. 
what the he- oh shoot! stupid friggin twig! oh man, now i know she knows im here. 
yep! she definitely knows im here. yeah, she knows. she looking right at me. theres no one else here.
wait, are those,  raindrops? or, tears?
wow, its really coming down now. and this hood is making the rain louder in my head that it actually is. maybe i should peel it off my head. 
yeah, better. definitely better. hey i like this yellow on me.


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