winter gear

the holidays are officially over and so are my sniffles.
i had a really bad cold between Christmas and New Year. i shouldve been used to it cause that wasnt the only time i was sick in 2010; i think i broke my personal record of being sick in a year. it was just kind of sucky ending the year with a cold and flu-like symptoms.
it was totally my fault though, unlike the other times which were my immune systems. im quite stubborn and refuse to wear proper clothing/outerwear when it gets cold. 
ive decided to change that; i dont want to get sick again if i can avoid it. so aside from taking my vitamins regularly (which i dont didnt do either), i also promise to wear full/appropriate winter gear every time i go out. 

yes, all of those. 
actually, most of the time i substitute the sweater with a scarf. but i really like this particular sweater. i love the colours and how it zips all the way up to my nose. perfect for its-so-cold-its-hard-to-inhale weather.
ive had this parka for 2 years and its still serving it purpose beautifully.
for gloves, i prefer the convertible kind. in mitten form they keep my fingers really warm, then when it gets too warm (like when im driving) i switch to the fingerless form. alls good. ive owned quite a few pairs cause i wreck them all the time.

allow me this one aside.
when my parents see the price tags on quality winter gear they express just how happy they are that we moved to this 4-seasoned country AFTER we did most of our growing. 

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