we are sisters, but not really.

we've been planning to hang out for a while but things kept coming up. but yesterday, after waiting for the snow to die down a bit and for the plows to clear the roads, off we went.

"yeah, im in an art program and i draw stick people."
for us, theres no point in hanging out if theres no food involved. so we headed to japan buffet at 4ishPM for a late lunch/early dinner, reverse brunch, lunner. the drawings above are justines. she was listing all her "stupid" accidents and drawing them for added effect. we laughed for SO long while she was drawing. there were many other stories but there was so many, i forgot.

"only 2 couch seats per table? i guuuueeeess we have to settle for the chairs."
after eating and chatting until 6.30PM at japan buffet, we headed to a starbucks down the street. more stories and even more laughter. i bet other people thought we were super obnoxious. MEH. its been a while since i heard "um, excuse me... were closing in 4 minutes."

such an awesome night. i cant remember the last time we just sat and talked about things. im glad we finally had a cousinsisters day.

rachel faith
justine isabella

my sisters from other misters

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