spring cleansing

super productive day yesterday!

the zipper on my winter jacket broke a couple of weeks ago. ive been meaning to get it fixed but have been ultra lazy to bring it to the tailor recommended by the manufacturer. ive also been meaning to get the handles on my purse repaired, but surprise surprise, ultra lazy yet again.

but in the spirit of spring cleaning my friend and i decided to make a day out of my errands and added some exploration. first thing was to drop off the jacket at the tailors then the purse at the store. both the tailor and the associates were very helpful. they knew the product and knew exactly what i wanted. all i have to do now is wait 4-6 weeks for them to come back home.

after all the major errands were done we stopped for coffee (no coffee for me though as per the food restrictions i mentioned previously) and spotted one of Prairie Girl Bakery's locations. now, i was SUPER excited because i know for a fact that they always have vegan cupcakes on hand.

Prairie Girl's vegan red velvet cupcake

cupcake success! i havent had pastries since my dairy restriction so this is an awesome awesome treat. i couldve ended my day right there but there was lots more to explore.

we turned the corner to grab some lunch at Trattoria Nervosa. to be honest i thought i was going to have a hard time finding something to eat but to my surprise there is a bunch of stuff i could have. i finally decided on their caesar salad with egg-less dressing and added grilled chicken. it was a very beautiful plate and yummy meal. i really wish i took a photo but as always, when my food comes, i forget everything else and just scarf it down right away.

we were on our way to Moroco Chocolat but we got a bit distracted because we spotted The Good Press. definitely had to go in and grab something to go.

the smoothies pictured at the top of this post (omega berry and blue banana) and chocolate milk were the spoils of the day. such friendly people and amazing juices (great for cleansing) and smoothies. ps. all their "milks" are non-dairy. another win for me!

made with activated cashew, b-grade maple syrup,
dates, pure vanilla extract, chocosol cacao powder

after the smoothie break, we resumed our mission to Moroco for some macarons. we really should have gone the day before - Macaron Day. this was the first time i walked into Moroco and came out with nothing - very sad day. but i did recommend some of my favourites to my friend. i can have macarons vicariously through him.

after doing everything we had and wanted to in Yorkvile, we Uber-ed our way down to Muji. ive heard so much about the Muji pens and just Muji in general so since we were close by we decided to check it out. overall, it was very generic, true to the name of the store. its like a muted IKEA. so if you need something practical and minimal in your home, this is the place to go. i will give it to their pens though (100% fully stocked, which apparently is a rarity). very smooth and clean. so i picked up a few and a small acrylic storage.

after Muji we Uber-ed it to Baldwin for dinner at Kuni. met some new people, binged on some sushi and compared festival notes.

we accomplished all we wanted to do and more yesterday. i couldnt have been happier with everything that we discovered during our mini exploration. it was so relaxed and we just popped into any place we felt like going. its been a while since ive walked around outside and just went with it. im glad spring is here. it a bit cold again today (feels like -18C) but the sun is shining and the snow is melting.

im gonna go enjoy the last bits of my weekend under the covers, watching youtube videos and snacking on my cupcake and milk.

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