but no ones laughing

memory is a funny thing

its funny how i can remember when and where and why i took this photo. i can remember almost everything that happened that day - almost two and half years ago. but i cant seem to remember if i took my medication this morning.

people have told me that my memory is amazing. 
i disagree.

yes, i can remember conversations from high school and university - it was long time ago. trust me.
sure, i can memorize a lot of things word for word without breaking a sweat. 
its true that the most common response i get when i say, "remember when... ?" is "uh, no. when did i say that? when did i do that?"

but these memories, theyre selectively chosen. i dont know how my brain sorts out these information but somehow some things are tucked away in a corner of my brain and seem to have made permanent residence there. 

its wonderful to remember a lot of things but the difficult part is when you vividly see things that you would much rather forget. or be the only one who remembers promises - they carry no weight. 

i dont know if memories are supposed to be shared or cherished alone
i dont know if memories mean any less if youre the only one who remembers them
i dont know if memories should be this fresh when much time has passed

all i know is, 
its a funny, funny thing. 

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