now is the time

i woke up and one thing came to my mind.

i really want a dog.

my parents just got back from the dominican and theyve been in the BEST mood in MONTHS. ive been hinting on getting a dog for so long but this weekend my hints became less like hints and more like a plead. i wanted to get into their system as much of my hint/plead as i could before they go back to work tomorrow because i KNOW theyll slip back to the north american mood before i can even say "i want a red and white or black and white siberian husky with blue eyes that i will probably name koge!" [koge {pronounced koh-geh}: burnt]

besides a siberian husky, i also want a small or medium sized dog. maybe a teacup yorkie or a japanese spitz.

or maybe all three... small medium large.

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