its nice to know that life sort of has a sense of humour.

hadari, migi
i decided recently to become more open. to become more friendly. to ignore the rude comments. to stay away from negative speak. to lessen my complaints. to smile and be cheerful and happy. 
(why? thats another entry)
i decided that ive had too many days that start off with negative thoughts and feelings that my whole day is ruined and i end up spending the whole day annoyed or pissed. 
i think on the inside i really was getting tired of the way my life was going. repetitively annoying. 

it wasnt that hard. surprisingly. i was feeling so good that i decided to grant a co-workers wish for an apple fritter. so good that i even took orders from the rest of the team. so good i headed out on possibly one of the coldest days of the year for this rare coffee run. so good that i treated everyone to something. 

tonight, my brother came home with a box of doughnuts and hot chocolate for everyone. 

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