digitally analog

last month, i was doing some online shopping. i thought, "boxing day would be the best time to buy Christmas cards." and as i was going through the usual categories in Indigo (you know my love for stationary), i stumbled upon this video

and that was it. i was HOOKED. i love journaling in the traditional pen and paper way. in fact, the drafts for this blog are on pen & paper.

but then i realized i needed to be more realistic about this.
1. im too lazy to hand write something like this all the time
2. i would very likely forget to bring the journal with me everywhere

so i started looking for tips and tricks to make this more sustainable for me. read: make something made to be analog, digital. digitally analog. 

i found this article which was perfect for me since i already use Evernote

i was always organized and productive at work. but free time is a bit of a free for all. which, doesnt work cause i end up being side-tracked ALL DAY. aka. not productive.

i started right away and bullet journaled the rest of my free time in december and let me tell you, this is the most productive i have been during the Christmas break.

1 month into it, so far, GREAT!

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