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last week, i wrote about something i accomplished in 2017. i was going through the photos, as i sometimes do, and landed on a particular memory trigger

aside: i like that term - memory trigger. i certainly did not invent it but i like calling my 365 photos that term. these days, more than ever, i feel the word "trigger" is mostly attached to negative statements. i definitely see how "memory trigger" could be unpleasant. however, because i am so pleased with the outcome of my imperfect Project365, i just cant read any negativity into that term when i use it in that capacity. 

whoa, super long aside. anyway, back to the memory trigger:

i told myself that day that i would commit to reading 12 books in 2017 - one book a month. i did the math and it shouldnt take me an entire month to read even a 500-page book. it seemed very doable. just like with Project365, it started great. in fact, i finished two books in January. until i let it go. one missed day turned into one missed week, and then to one missed month.

then, i looked up and it was already the end of September and i had only finished four books. i started reading a few others but did not finish them. not that they were bad - i finished almost all of them later. i just lost the drive to keep going. i was very ready to give up and just try again in the new year.

but there is this woman at work - i always see her with a book and she always visits the library next door. i remember asking her when she finds the time to read and if she sleeps. it was simple, she found books that she liked and found time to read them - on the weekends, in transit, before bed. and if she didnt like the book - bye! i have started saying the same thing to myself: life is too short to read a book you dont like. i was inspired and determined to catch up. this meant i had to read eight books in three months. happy to report that on December 29th 2017, i finished my 12th book!

another aside: i had planned to list all of the books here with details of when i began and completed them and some thoughts i had. i started it and realized how loooooong this one entry would be. so i decided to make a part two of this topic - just for the list. 

2018 goals
somehow i felt like i didnt do it right. i guess this is my personality type talking again. i was rushed in the end and there was no structure. it was like the wild west - just read something, ANYTHING! so this year i have laid out some rules for myself:
  1. read books. no audiobooks, no illustrated books. i would like to actually go through the motions of traditional reading. doesnt mean i wont pick up an audiobook or illustrated books - they can count as bonus books.
  2. somewhat focused topics. one each quarter of the year
    • leadership
    • non-fiction
    • fiction
  3. one year bible. the last service of the year has compelled me to give this another try. i have tried it before and failed miserably. i have better tools and a better understanding of myself so im hoping this time, i will be able complete it. 
so far...
before the break i signed up for a book club for managers. we will be reading Radical Candor by Kim Scott - scheduled to meet 4 times in January. leadership book for Q1: check! 

during the break i was perusing the usual sites for boxing day discounts and deals. i noticed that Google Play had a $5 voucher for Google Book. used that sucker almost immediately on The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See. im not gonna lie, when im browsing i usually judge books by their covers and/or titles. this one really caught my eye when it popped up in my recommended books somewhere because of my growing appreciation for tea since my trip to Cameron Highlands. i have gone off topic - again. anyway, i think im going to enjoy this book since i have read and enjoyed Shanghai Girls. also because the goodreads reviews on it are pretty good. cant wait to sip all the tea while i read this. currently drinking: ginger peach tea!

press play to view the magic of Cameron Highlands

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