changing my tune

i legit had four hours of sleep last night.

this is what today has been like.
it's saturday, it's raining and i don't plan on going anywhere. why did i wake up so early when i slept so so late? that's right, i slept late - i did not GO HOME late. i was home last night - swallowed by a book.

a few posts ago i talked about challenging myself to read 12 books a year. i did really well in 2017 and 2018. but 2019 was a weird one. i started SO MANY books but i just never finished them. i spent so much money on books that i never finished.

yesterday when i was driving to work i thought maybe i should use the library more often. this way i save a bit of money and #NoRagrets if i dont finish a book. i KNOW i had library cards for TWO cities (perks of working and living in different cities, i guess) - i just don't know where i put them. i figured i threw them out or moved them around during one of my purges. so i just started researching how to get new ones.

here's some of the dead trees i decided to keep through multiple purges.
i knew that i would have to physically go to a library and replace my lost ones. what i didn't know is that there is such a thing as virtual library card (!!!). it took me all of five minutes to sign up for one, download the app, and access my local library. now the virtual library card is only good for the electronic catalogue - ebooks, audiobooks, music, etc. i've owned ebooks but i've only ever listened to one audiobook, "World War Z." it was highly recommended so i decided to give it a go.
aside: it's an AWESOME audiobook. the narration is on point. 

i think one of the reasons why i don't usually reach for audiobooks is that they are quite pricey. also,  i'm quite picky with the type of narration i can stick with (i learned this as i sampled many many podcasts over the last year). i've thought about Audible before and always decided against it cause, even though it might be a bit cheaper than buying audiobooks outright, i definitely DO NOT need another subscription.

"the chair"
with my brand spankin' new virtual library card, i looked up the books i've been sitting on and checked if they had audiobook versions. i wanted to see if it's something i can listen to and finally finish. i drive every day to work so i figured i can really use that time to get through a serious chunk of a book every week! so here we are, 12 hours later, i am 1 loan, 6 holds, and 7 tagged in for books.

i have a chair that i used to pile my clothes on instead of actually putting them away. i've been working really hard to remove that habit of mine so i can actually use the stupid chair. it's a great chair! i feel like i'm IN it and not just on it, you know? i used to get some serious reading done on this chair. but today. i was listening to a book while i was making breakfast, cleaning, doing laundry, and taking that picture above.

since it's super new, i'm quite excited about it. but maybe i've been sleeping on a gold mine. maybe this will be the year that i can get through more than one book a month!

we'll see.

do you have a preferred method of "reading"?
what are your favourite audiobooks?
do you have your version of "the chair"?

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