i havent played with my slr in a while. even when i do, i almost always use auto-focus because i just cant be bothered to do it manually.
a couple of days ago i was itching to use my camera so i tried to practice my manual-focus skills.

as the photos show, i wasnt exactly in an adventurous mode. it was really hot that day and very few people were brave enough to step out into the heat. so i settled for things i could focus on in my room. i didnt take much cause i have a really short attention span and i get bored of things pretty quickly. 

oh well, i did learn that i didnt have to shut my left eye to focus manually. this is good news to me cause i get really tired of shutting my left eye just to look through the viewfinder. also, this is handy when im wearing eye make-up. almost all the time, i have to check my left eye make-up to see if ive smeared it from squeezing my eye shut to look through the viewfinder. 

anyway, thats it for now. hopefully, ill have time to post more entries.

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