im still alive!

just been busy this summer. which can be good and bad at the same time.

summer will be short and sweet so im trying to make the best of it. but sometimes i catch myself california hungover or daydreaming of september ( more on that later ).

some plans im trying to execute this summer:
- visit the AGO while the Abstract Expressionist New York Exhibition is still in town
- white-water rafting. and none of that family adventure version. i want the high adventure!
- use up my 3 vacation days some how
- hang out with family/friends whenever i can
- tutor cheerfully so my students dont feel bummed that theyre being tutored over the summer
- get a tan ( i think i can check this one off )
- i SO want a hammock (for the backyard) or a beanbag (for my room)!

huh. i guess i dont have BIG plans this summer. i dont really mind. maybe cause i know i have a couple of things lined up AFTER summer?

anyway, ill try update more often. ( dont hold your breath though )

if you have instagram, come find me!

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