One for One

ive been thinking of getting a pair of TOMS for a long time. the main thing that attracted me was their One for One Movement - with every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.

many people i know have sworn to the comfort of TOMS but i was not convinced. MANY flats promise AMAZING comfort but when tried and tested either fall short or fall apart before the sans-socks season ends.

i finally gave in a few weeks ago (because of a certain friends subtle ability of persuasion, great taste, and reliability when swearing to a certain product. you know who you are ;P) and i INSTANTLY fell in love. TOMS delivers big time in the comfort department. (ASIDE: make sure you go a size down for the canvas ones and half size down for the rope ones because they stretch and mold to your feet.)

the main reason why i made the photo above is because i saw something on instagram that really irked me:
people selling TOMS knock-offs. 
WHY?! seriously, WHY! its not like they cost an arm and a leg. i say theyre actually priced reasonably for the comfort they provide. not to mention the One for One Movement! so WHY?! whats the point of buying knock-offs?

do you like the style and how theyre said to be super comfortable?
personally, i LOVE the style and the materials theyre available in and i can vouch for the comfort as well. i HIGHLY doubt that ANY knock-off will be able to duplicate EXACTLY the style and comfort that the real ones offer.

or do you just want to buy them cause everyone seems to have a pair and you want to be "trendy"?
if youre buying/selling knock-offs, do you understand that youre essentially robbing children in need of shoes they could have had?

im going to get off my soapbox now and say that i am guilty of knowingly purchasing knock-offs/imitations in the past. but i have always regretted it. its just not the same. it may look the same but the quality is just not there. think: fake pearls - they LOOK like real pearls but they FEEL really fake. i was also swayed to buy fake watches last year. i stopped wearing them because the ring around the face of the ceramic watch shattered and the metal band one just stopped working.

if you cant justify buying the real thing then why buy a fake one? so people can see that you appear to be rich?

this is getting really lengthy so im going to end this here. this entry bleeds my passion for this brand and their cause. also, my feelings about knock-offs in general. i hope it will open at least ONE persons eyes or even just give them reason to think twice. objection and debate is welcome as well.

PS. im obviously an instagram freak so if you have it. come find me: 0kae

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