its mid-april!

time for the monthly photo dump!!!
(extra large dump this month)

first of all, i aged one more year this month.
but it doesnt look like i changed much.
lately, ive been really into hair stuff so here are a few i managed to snap a photo of:

grey lacy ribbon
grey fluffy headband thing
polka dotty headband
my new headbands :)
also, lately ive been into nail polish

black shatter on teal the cows come home
black shatter on i vant to be a-lone star
black shatter on the way tutu his heart
its bouquet with me
now, time for some shoes

nature shots (mostly the sky)

on my way to work
at my grandparents'
oh my way home
early morning trip to the dentist
another photo on my way home

a post isnt a post without food photos:

my cup was crying :(
oreo ice cream cookie
my cousin's cake pop!
birthday strawberry shortcake!
birthday tuxedo cake!!!
last slice :(
green tea ice cream
birthday freebie!
yessss i finally won something!!! 1/17 ? i think
the ice cream cake was so hard, the knife broke! :O

now, time for a whole lot of randoms!

me & my mom
meet my cowlick
winter's final hurrah
sephora (birthday) mini haul
these smell REALLY good!
i LOVE this purse! it keeps my stuff so organized
i finally got it in the mail!!!!!! WHEEEE
i LOVE the back of this top :)
i love this top so much. ive worn in so many times, its starting to rip.
morange by mac.
SO in love with this colour. 
actually pretty cool :)
meet bailey!
bailey in my teddy bear's sweater
bailey, asleep with josh
aaaaand that's it.

good night, everyone!

PS. notice my addiction to instagram?

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