excuse my wet hair. i took this photo right after taking a shower.
ive only worn this out (i usually only wear it at home) a couple of times. both times, ive raised eyebrows and turned heads. i dont know if they were: "wow, shes from harvard!" or "really, shes from harvard?"

im not really harvard graduate. i did, however, visit boston last year and pick up this sweatshirt (and some other things) after walking around the main campus. im really just a big fan of their colour.

here are a few photos i took around the main campus and boston:
the rest are here

MIT's Stata Center

designed by Frank Gehry

"The Spirits of the Dead"

PS. im also a UofT sweatshirt-wearer and grad.
taken during my stint as a campus tour guide
with cheska (left) and lester (squishing our heads) 

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