mini rainbows

almost every year, my mom asks me to bake something to give to her co-workers. last year, i made chocolate cookies with mini m&ms. this year she wanted cupcakes. i was actually in the mood to bake so i went out and bought ingredients. i actually had to go to two different stores because the first one was out of red food colour. popular colour this time of year.

last year's cookies
cant really see much, but theyre in there
they look weird and gross on top/without icing.
but they look really pretty from the side
of course i sampled one. its really moist and i love how the sides arent burnt at all.
even the paper looks pretty :3
i couldnt make bright coloured batter because the base was yellowish, so i settled for pastel colours. i couldve used more food colour but then the cupcakes would taste funny.

ill probably make something else during the holidays. i want to perfect red velvet. my batter is never bright enough. it always turns magenta-ish. and i want to re-try making french macarons. my cousins and i failed miserably at making buttercreme and our cookies were sort of flat because i over mixed the batter. :(

our french macaron disaster

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