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i saw district 9 tonight. yeah, i know its been out for a while now. i MEANT to see it a long time ago but i dont know what happened.
so thats that.......


ive been planning to buy an ipod for a while now. the last ipod i has was the mini. i stopped using it for a while. then. i found a way to hack my ds to play music. then my phone doubled up as an mp3 player. then i got a psp. but now i just want something JUST for music - and maybe the cool apps and the cool wifi thinggy. i mean think about it, if i use my phone for music, what if it dies? then i got no phone. right? right? if an ipod dies, who cares. its only an ipod.
anyway, last month there were rumours about a sick new ipod touch with a camera coming out in the september apple event. so i waited. steve jobs says, no. at least to the ipod touch - the nano got a camera though.
oh well, it didnt really matter to me if it had a camera or not. like i said, i want it to play music and exploit free wifi locations >:)
finally, finally the september 9 event came. im so nerdy i followed live bloggers of the event from work - only on my lunch of course :P blah blah blah, apple store down for updates, blah blah blah, ta-dah, new apple products available for purchase, blah blah blah, walk over to small, NO IPOD, next day, STILL NO IPOD, so i finally asked the question i shouldve asked the first day i went, "when is it going to be available in stores?" "September 12th." awwwww poo.

2 days i checked and no ipod. not the end of story though. see, im one of those people who cannot leave a mall without buying something. anything. food, drink, clothes, toys. anything at all. so when the apple store dude broke by heart with the no-ipod-until-the-12th news, i ventured over to familiar shops.

aaaand i just have to say something about my favourite purchases.
new faves
- kay so my hair gets really gross and greasy especially on hot sticky summer days. i have found my cure. DRY SHAMPOO. its the best thing ever. i like this brand cause is smells like cake. uh-duh.
- and that little thing there, its a MINI HEATED LASH CURLER. BEST THING EVER. regular curlers dont work for me. my lashes are very short and straight. this heated version is like a curling iron for my lashes. im so addicted to it. its SOOO much fun to use.
* i buy so much junk from sephora that i always get something free. with this purchase i got, free mascara!
- that white thing under my laptop, COOLING PAD! that i shouldve bought a LONG time ago. i love it! i can finally put my laptop on my lap!

i bought a few pieces of clothing also but im too lazy to list/show them.
actually, today, i was looking at some of the stuff i got and 2 things i got in boston were the wrong sizes. the best part is, i even TRIED THEM ON at the store. how did i miss that??? one is small and the other is large. what? i dont know i guess the fit okay and thats the point.
i got other things in boston like the obligatory tokidoki stuff from urban outfitters, this cool urban paper book - its like paper dolls but weird, and urban LOL, HARVARD sweater and lanyard - i just love the havard colour, this cool music box thing - im gonna have to take a photo of this one later. its hard to explain, and i forget because now my head is just flooded with memories of the food we had. UGH. so good.

so its technically september 12th now. i think im gonna go to the mall, again, and see if the dude told the truth about the ipod. i really really really hope theyre in.

oh ps.
i CANNOT wait for "cloudy with a chance of meatballs." 3D please!
of course i would love a movie about food falling from the sky. OF COURSE!

and oh yeah,
i need a TB. i have a feeling my laptop will crash soon because of the hundreds of photos i have in it. i should really invest in one........
best buy here i come.... ugh. i always come out of this store with more than i originally want to buy. im such a nerd.

ill upload photos form my trip soon......
i guess....
to those who care......

anyone out there???????

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