if only

first off, no photo today. i have one in mind to put in but i just cant be bothered right now.
i hear people say, " im dog tired " or something similar to that. i always wonder where that expression came from. not ALL dogs have a hard life. 

picture a house pet. a dog. it could be anything. a big dog or a small dog. a fluffy dog or a short-haired dog. just picture a pet dog who is loved so dearly by its owner. 
sure the owner may leave during the day to go to work. but it still gets fed. it still gets washed. it still gets it shots. it still gets toys. and most of all, it still get attention. that doesnt sound so tiring to me. 

at least it gets fed every day.
at least its health is taken care of.
at least it gets fun things to play with.
at least it gets attention from the owner. 

a pet dog gets to go on its routine walks with its owner.
a pet dog might even have its photo with its owner.
a pet dog is guaranteed to see the face of its owner everyday.

i dont know where im going with this anymore but all i know is,
some days are good days 
and some days are not

some days you see nice people on the street
some days you dont. 

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