constantly rare

all nighter
today. i saw the moon, so red, so close. i saw the rising of the sun. i drove along empty streets with my headlights on. i walked into a quiet office. i saw the setting of the sun. 

to me nowadays, these events are rare. i think thats why it woke up some part in me. 

there are things in the world that are constant. 
the sun will always rise
a new day will always come
the sun will always set
the darkness will always fall
the seasons will always change
the leaves, rain, snow 
they will always fall
but there is always something about these events that excites me. the movement of the earth around the sun and how it casts different shadows, paints different colours and causes for things to fall on the ground will always amaze me. 
but what excites me more is the promise of another after today. the anticipation. things happen while i wait. rare conversations. rare sightings. rare images. im not a very patient person. but SOMETIMES when i do wait. these rare events make it worth it. 

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