this is why being a "celebrity" sucks

i dont do this very often but i just felt the urge to comment/blog/write/whathaveyou about these events.

when youre a "celebrity" or relatively famous, your life is out for everyone to see.
so fights between the likes of jon & kate and perez & are exposed for everyone to see.
they tweet, blog, make videos, statements, have interviews.
when really all they need to do is remember their place in this world, talk it out between themselves, and maybe resolve it. the key is to not let anyone else influence what is theirs to resolve (which almost always makes things worse)

seriously, i think jon & kate + 8 (the show) should have been over a LONG time ago. its not about the children anymore. its about the parents WITH 8 children. exposure can drive anyone bonkers. if they truly wanted what is best and normal for their family and especially the kids, they should have called it quits a long time ago. its not normal to grow up with a whole tv crew in your home.

and this thing with perez and where do i even begin. profanity, name calling, shame here, shame there. i dont even know who is telling the truth. but it doesnt even matter right now. all i want to say about this whole ruckus is that attacking people is never the way to go. PHYSICALLY OR VERBALLY.

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